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Welcome to Slurpy Platter 🙂
Smitten by flavours, bitten by the shutter bug!

An ex- digital marketer by profession and a food blogger, stylist and photographer by passion.
Why I love food? Well, who doesn’t? I have no clue when, how or why I was so fascinated with food, but I do know that I can devour on it without a second thought when there’s so much goodness on a platter. I believe that food, just like life, has many facets to it in the form of cuisines. It is important that you experience, live through it and savour every morsel, because. as the saying goes.. “Life is a kitchen and you’ve got to put on your best apron and whip up something incredible.” 🙂

What to look for on Slurpy Platter?

Mostly, authentic vegetarian recipes from Karnataka, a state in Southern India, and of course global cuisines and desserts to die for, that are simplified for you and modified by me 😉

Oh! By the way, if you are fascinated by my pictures please don’t hesitate to shoot an email should you want to use them. Its ALWAYS nice not to pilfer someone else’s efforts.
Want to talk, collaborate or work with me? You know what to do: sindhu.bharadwaj11@gmail.com



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