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The season of strawberries is here and I bought them in abundance haggling with the cart vendor one fine morning. This citrus fruit may taste acerbic to eat aziteez (read: as it is)  😛 but the kinda delicacies you can churn out of this is incredibly enormous.

This season there were a lot of things I tried with these luscious berries. Strawberry popsicles, Whole wheat vegan strawberry-orange cake( WHICH WAS FEATURED IN THE SUMMER-WINTER STRAWBERRY MOVEMENT RUN BY ANAND PRAHLAD OF MAGIC MARINADE), strawberry  panna cotta and of course the jam.


The best part about this jam is that it has natural preservatives. All citrus fruits have a considerable amount of pectin but if you remember the saying “Forbidden fruit is the main ingredient in all jams” it rings a bell to me that Apple is a great source of pectin. Especially the skin It protects and preserves the jam without any artificial intervention of pectin or any other preservative for that matter. Additionally lemon juice and the zest also acts as a preservative.

This recipe is adapted from here. Aparna was happy to clarify my doubts regarding preservatives and I gladly made it!

Serves: 500 gms bottle


Strawberries ( fresh) 500 gms
Sugar (powdered)  2.5 cups
Apple ( including the skin), grated 1
Lemon zest and juice ½ tsp and juice of 1 whole lemon
Salt A pinch


1. Wash and hull the strawberries and soak them in sugar overnight ( If you live in a tropical place it is better to refrigerate them, else you can leave it at room temperature during winters, now that it’s the onset of summer it is better to refrigerate them).
2. The strawberries would have sucked up the sugar and looks like this. Transfer the entire thing to a non-stick heavy bottomed pan. Add some more sugar if needed, add the lemon zest and the grated apple including the skin.

3. On a low flame keep stirring the mixture until the entire thing starts leaving the pan( this will approximately take about 45 mins to an hour, you can do it on an induction stove top as well). You can alternatively do the plate test i.e, the jam when touched with a finger separates itself. Allow it to cool and transfer the jam to a dry air tight container.


  • You can follow the same procedure for making orange marmalade, apple, jackfruit and mango jam.
  • make sure not to add a lot of lemon zest as this might make the jam bitter.


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