Okay this is the first time ever I’m participating in a contest ever since I started blogging. This is for the Sparkling Himalayan Mocktail Contest open for IFBM 2014 participants. The extended deadline for this contest made it a boon for people like me who procrastinated this for so long! 🙂 If you’re wondering what’s with sparkling Himalayan water and the mocktail, well, We got Sparkling Himalayan Mineral water as a part of our goodie bags at the IFBM2014 and hence the contest with a twist where we use our grey matter and concoct something creatively! 🙂 This recipe is inspired by Shatbhi Basu’s Kokum and Tangerine Sherbet 

I was clueless as to what I could make out of the ingredients available at home since the time at my disposal was very short. I dug into my veggie box in the fridge and there were carrots in abundance along with 2 oranges so I decided to make a mocktail out of this. In fact my better- half suggested that I add a hint of ginger and Lo! it made so much of a difference!

Not only is this combo a great source of Vitamin A & C but also an excellent anti-oxidant for the body. It’s a great option for breakfast too. You can be easy on the sugar since carrot is already sweet else you can replace sugar with honey which again detoxifies your blood and body.

Sorry! no pics with directions for this recipe since it’s just putting all the ingredients together and blending it.
Come on! it’s easy 🙂

So let’s get going!

Serves- 2

Shelf Life- 1 day if refrigerated


Carrot, peeled & diced 2 medium sized
Orange/ Tangerines 1
Ginger, grated 1 inch
Sugar/ honey 1 ½ tbsp
Sparkling Himalayan Mineral Water 1 cup
Salt A pinch


1. Mix all the ingredients and blend them together using a blender. Strain it and serve chilled. 

1. You can also add a bit of club soda/ sprite if you wish to, but I prefer it this way.
2. You can add a dash of pepper to make it snappy and snazzy.


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