I know I’ve orphaned jettisoned you for a while! but my love for you will never whither! I may be one helluva busy person but to leave you whithered! is next to impossible! cuz it’s you who made me 🙂 Sorry Slurpy Platter.. but I’m back.. office is keeping me super busy! It’s just that I’ve had time to experiment a lot but not upload it on this space! 
Ok now back to being a foodie.. this time it’s Hummus- a Mediterranean dip that is simply heavenly! It is pretty close to our chutney but yeah the ingredient here is Chickpea instead of the raw shredded coconut that we use. The best part is that if you don’t want the classic hummus you can add flavours to it by incorporating red/green bell pepper, spinach hummus, black bean hummus and hummus with the best ever sun dried tomatoes.. also if you want to try an Indian variation you can try making dry red chilli hummus ( Guntur variety) it’s a slice of heaven on your taste buds. 
Here I made jalapeno hummus, I didn’t find the original jalapeno so i replaced it with our normal green chilli, the taste was almost the same as that of jalapeno minus a lil spice. 
This goes very well with Pita bread, falafel and chips or even as a stuffed roll with crunchy vegetables. 

Over to the recipe
Shelf life- 2 days under refrigeration
Serves- 6


Chickpeas/ kabuli channa, washed,soaked overnight & boiled

1 ½ cups

Fresh Parsley, washed & finely chopped

3 tbsp

Jalapenos/ green chillis


Olive oil/ vegetable oil

5 tbsp


As needed

White sesame seeds

1 tbsp

Garlic ( optional)

4 pods

Lemon juice

1 tsp

Red chilli flakes, for garnishing

1 tsp

1.Dry roast the sesame seeds on medium low flame until they start spluttering. Mix all the ingredients except lemon juice and chilli flakes and grind them to a smooth paste.

 2. Garnish it with red chilli flakes and sprinkle some more oil on it. Enjoy it with your fav chips or pita bread.


  • You can use regular oil if you don’t have olive oil but the taste of olive oil gives it a distinct flavor. 
  • Also the same with jalapeno! 🙂

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