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I first tasted homemade almond roca when a relative got it for us. Almond roca is a very simple and easy recipe and can be made with just 5 basic ingredients. It’s also known as BUTTER CRUNCH TOFFEE and makes for a perfect gift for your loved one.

Serves- 10-12 bars
Shelf life- 1 week 


Almonds 2 cups
Butter 4 sticks/ 500 grams
Brown sugar *(see note) 1 Ā½ cups
Corn syrup ( optional) 1 tbsp
Chocolate chips/ bars 1 Ā½ cups
Baking soda/ powder 1 tsp

1.Dry roast almonds in a pan on medium flame until they are slightly crisp and change colour to slightly dark brown( they start smelling great when toasted! so this is an indication). Pulse them in a processor for about 20-30 seconds until they crumble to a rough mixture.
2. Melt butter in a saucepan and add brown sugar. Now add the baking powder and corn syrup and stir continuously until they turn to a golden brown caramel and don’t stick to the pan.

3. Meanwhile Spread the crumbled almonds on to a large tray or a plate and pour the caramel on them. Now drop the chocolate bars/ chips and wait for a minute or two ( the heat of the caramel is sufficient to melt the chocolates) and then spread it with a spatula until it covers the caramel layer completely. Refrigerate it for 2 hours and them cut it with a knife and transfer it to an air tight container.


  • *You can substitute brown sugar with white powdered sugar that taste wont differ much. Just make sure it the caramel turns golden brown. 
  • Corn syrup is added to prevent crystallization of the toffee. But it doesn’t make much of a difference. Just make sure the caramel doesn’t burn. 
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