Finally! here comes the Enchilada recipe. Enchilada is a Mexican dish which is similar to our paneer/ vegetable wraps. Just that this one has a bean filling and a little bit of Mexican touch to it. Like I mentioned, Mexican is the closest to Indian cuisine you can find in US. The first time I ever tasted this recipe was in a pure vegetarian restaurant called Laughing Seed in Ashville downtown. Yes, a vegetarian restaurant in US! it tasted great! just out of the world and that triggered the cook in me to try it at home. I had tried it a couple of times at home but wasn’t convinced with it’s perfection, but this time I made sure everything goes well and lo! I got it!! 

I bet it’s really easy! and makes for a very (full)filling lunch! BTW let me tell you a secret, this is traditionally made with flour tortilla but you are most welcome to try it with wheat tortilla/ our very own indigenous chapathi. I did! I packed it as lunch for my hub and it surprisingly remained soft and incredibly tasty. 

If you don’t have a baking oven, you can try this in the microwave ( on high for 1 minute), it becomes a lil soft but still tastes great.

Yield- 6 enchiladas
Shelf life- 1 day


Flour tortilla 6
Enchilada Sauce 1 cup
Corn and bean salsa 1 cup
Mozarella/ pepper jack cheese ½ cup
Guacamole ¼ cup
Sour cream ( optional) ¼ cup


1. Grease a microwave/ oven safe pan with oil and keep aside. Preheat oven to 350º F- 170ºC. 
2. On a flat surface place the tortilla and scoop in a tbsp of corn and bean salsa towards the edge of the tortilla. Roll it out like how you roll a spring roll (How to roll a spring roll?)  ( ok too many roll’s there 😛 ) 
to make it more simpler you can just roll it like an envelope. or just fold it in such a way that none of the filling falls out. 

3. Now spread a tsp of Enchilada sauce on each of the tortilla and sprinkle it with some cheese. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until all the cheese has melted and the enchilada turns a lil crisp. Garnish it with coriander leaves or green onions. 

enjoy with salsa, guac and sour cream 🙂


  • Don’t worry too much about the folding part. Like I mentioned you can roll it in such a way that it doesn’t spill out. 
  • You can make a filling of your choice with any kind of vegetables/ meat. I preferred bean salsa. you may try different variations of salsa or bean fillings. 
  • Eat while its hot.


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