There’s a popular meme in a Kannada movie song which says ‘ Anna tindre sugar, mudde undre figure’ meaning if you eat rice you’re bound to be diabetic and end up getting ‘sugar’ while eating mudde ( a nutritious edible ball made out of finger millet) gives you a curvaceous figure..   😛 🙂 

Who doesn’t know about the most popular and most nutritious food that is the back-bone of Karnataka? Ragi Mudde! yes, it’s the most staple food amongst Kannadigas 🙂 The most common food too.. It is the ancient grain ‘ragi’ / finger millet that resembles mustard and is powered and used in the household in Karnataka. Ragi ambli or porridge is commonly fed to toddlers until they’re 3-4 yrs old. This is one of the most nutritious food one could ever have. 

Also there’s a proverb in Kannada which says’ Hittam tindam, bettam kittittam’ which means, the one who eats a ragi ball is strong enough to uproot a mountain too 🙂 such is the power of Ragi mudde. 

And if you’re planning to go on a diet to have that curvaceous yet a fit body, Ragi mudde is the most optimal option for you to choose. A single ragi ball meal can help you lose weight and tone your body in just 30 days. You’ll see and feel the difference for yourself. You won’t believe your eyes, ears and senses! 🙂 

Nutritiously speaking- Ragi or finger millet has loads of iron, fiber, calcium and proteins which makes for a fulfilling meal in itself. The best part about ragi mudde is that, it takes time to digest and leaves you feeling full with just a an orange sized ball. 

It is also the best remedy for people suffering constipation as it eases bowel movement and improves digestion. 

It is also helpful in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Limitless are the benefits of this cereal/ grain. 

Here I’m posting the recipe of indigenous ragi mudde. It can be done in minutes and requires very few ingredients. Ragi flour is available at all Indian grocery store. 

You can have it with sambar or majjige huli (spiced yohurt). It tastes best with soppina huli ( green’s sambar/ curry ideally made with spinach and Dantina soppu ( red spinach) ) and Hurali Saaru  and Tambuli 🙂 


Ragi Flour 4 tbsp
Water ½ cup
Ghee/ clarified butter 1 tbsp
Salt As needed

1. Boil water in a thick bottomed kadai/ frying pan (preferably cast iron) until its slightly a little warmer than luke warm, adding 1/4 tbsp of ghee and salt.

2. Add a tablespoon of ragi flour and stir it until it reaches a thick soupy consistency without forming lumps. Now add the remaining 3 tablespoons of ragi and slowly stir it until it reaches a thick pasty consistency.

3.  Add the remaining 3/4 tbsp of ghee and mix well.  Transfer it to a plate. Wet your hands and pat on the ragi mass. make a ball out of it by gently pressing it with both your palms just like you do with the chapathi flour. 
Serve hot with a dollop of ghee and your fav sambar 🙂



  •  It is advisable to use a wooden stick or spatula while stirring the ragi as it doesnt stick much to it. Also it makes it easier to stir in a wooden spatula than a steel one.
  • It is important for the ragi flour to reach a soupy consistency in step 2, as this helps to solidify and consolidate in step 3. 


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