It was a freezing cold afternoon at Chicago, a bone chilling weather and a hapless me! A memory distinct in my cranium! the first time I set foot on the soils of USA and the very first meal I ever had  at Chipotle!  I fell for it! The closest to Indian food you could ever get in US is Mexican! From then on my tryst with Mexican food is infinite and eternal. they continue to arrest me in awe 🙂 Guacamole to me first seemed like our very own chutney minus the coconut and other lentils. Avocado was fairly new and thought it would taste weird. to my surprise I couldnt get enough of it!  presenting to you the most delectable Guacamole!! Mexican Chutney 😛 😛 


Ripe Avocados 2
Jalapeno pepper or Green chilli 3
Onion 1
Tomato 1
Cilantro 2 tbsp
Salt As needed
Lime juice 1 tsp

1.All that this recipe would take is less than 5 minutes! and all you need to do is scoop the avocados just like how you scoop our very own sapotas/ chikoos! and mash them with a fork.

2.Combine onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, tomato, mashed guacamole, a bit of salt and mash them together. ( I used a food processor to mash it up) 
thats it and your Guacamole is ready!


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